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  Raymarine 45STV GEN2 HD Satellite TV Antenna System

Raymarine 45STV GEN2 HD Satellite TV Antenna System

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Raymarine 45STV Gen2 HD Satellite TV Antenna System

The Raymarine 45STV HD makes underway High Definition satellite TV a reality for boats 40 feet and larger. With a compact 18” (45 cm) antenna, the 45STV HD is the perfect for fishing, cruising and sailing boats alike. With HD support for Dish Network, the 45STV HD offers stunning HD programming underway or at the dock.

Raymarine’s exclusive Wide Range Search algorithms and Dynamic Beam Tilting (DVB) technologies make satellite acquisition and tracking fast, steady and reliable in even the most extreme weather conditions. Fully stabilized to counter the motion of the boat while underway, 45STV HD also features conical scanning for maintaining the strongest possible signal, and a unique rotating sub-reflector the minimizes the need for constant dish movement resulting in much quieter operation than competitive units.

45STV HD’s standard dual LNBs offer support for multiple receivers, while its simplified cabling makes installation easy.

The 45STV HD Satellite Television Antenna System includes the 45STV HD antenna, high definition antenna control unit, interconnect cables, mounting hardware, template and instructions. (Satellite TV receiver, programming subscription and television required, not included.)

High Definition (HD) vs. Standard Definition (SD) Programming on Raymarine Systems

Raymarine Satellite TV antenna systems recieve Ku-Band satellite broadcasts from the TV provider of your choice. Depending on the provider you choose you can receive standard definition (SD) programming, high definition (HD) programming, or a mixture of both.

Dish Network broadcasts both HD and SD programming in the Ku-Band. Raymarine satellite TV antenna systems are capable of receiving both HD and SD content from Dish Network.

DirecTV broadcasts SD programming in the Ku-Band. DirecTV broadcasts HD programming in the Ka-Band. Raymarine satellite TV antenna systems can receive SD programming only from DirecTV. Raymarine satellite TV systems can not receive Ka-Band satellite broadcasts

Outstanding Features Include:

  • Compatible with programming from DirecTV, Dish Network and ExpressVu
  • New 45STV Gen2 features include:
    • 2nd generation feed horn design for improved signal tracking lowering EIRP to 49 dBw.
    • ACU can accept 12V or 24V supply, extensive satellite library, easy antenna status check and automatic diagnosis and improved PC control software.
    • Single cable from ACU to Antenna for simplified installation.
  • Dual LNB design enables the captain to watch the weather and news at the helm while others enjoy the game down below
  • Stabilization is enhanced by conical scanning, which detects and maintains the strongest signal
  • Rotating sub-reflector redirects the signal and minimizes the need for constant dish movement and delivers quieter operation.
  • Proprietary Wide Range Search (WRS) algorithm for the fastest identification and acquisition of satellites.
  • Dynamic Beam Tilting (DBT) technology delivers unmatched dynamic tracking in extreme weather and sea conditions
  • DBT technology continuously measures the vessel’s heading, pitch, and roll to keep the antenna locked on a satellite at all times.
  • Remotely mounted HD-Antenna Control Unit (ACU) features a digital display and keypad for easy installation, manual satellite selection and diagnostics.
  • Backed by Raymarine’s worldwide service and support network.

45STV Gen2 HD Satellite TV Antenna System Specifications

  CE - conforms to EU Directive 89/336/EEC  
  FCC- verified to CFR47: Part 15  
  Satellite antenna unit 500 mm x 538 mm (19.7 x 21.2 ins.)  
  Antenna dish diameter 450 mm (18 ins.)  
  Antenna control unit 195 mm x 225 mm x 65 mm (7.6 x 8.8 x 2.5 ins).  
  Satellite antenna unit 14 kg (31 lbs.)  
  Antenna control unit 1.7 kg (3.5 lbs)  
  Operating temperature range -10°C to + 55°C (-14°F to 130°F)  
  Storage temperature range -20°C to + 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)  
  Humidity limit 95% R.H  
  Operating voltage 10.8 - 15.6 V DC  
  Power consumption 2A (30 W typical)  
Antenna system performance
  Frequency Ku-band (10.7 to 12.75 GHz)  
  Antenna gain 33dBi @ 12.25 GHz  
  Minimum EIRP 50 dBW  
  Azimuth range 680°  
  Elevation range 0° ~ +90°  
  Roll and pitch range Roll ± 25°, Pitch ± 15°  
  Roll and pitch tracking 50° per second  
  Roll and pitch rate 50° per second  
  RF input frequency range 12.1 ~ 12.7 GHZ  
  IF output frequency range 950 ~ 1450 MHz  
  Local oscillator frequency stability 11250 + 4 MHz (max) over temperature and life  
  Local oscillator jump @ 13/18 V switching 2.5 KHz (max)  
  Local oscillator phase noise -50 dBc/Hz @ 1 KHz maximum, -75 dBc/Hz @ 10 KHz maximum, -95 dBc/Hz @ 100 KHz maximum  
  Conversion gain 50 ~ 62 dB  
  Gain flatness 1 dB (max) @ 24 MHz intervals  
  Gain variation 5 dB (max) across 500 MHz  
  Cross polarization isolation 25 dB (min.)  
  Image rejection 40 dBm (min.)  
  Output VWSR 2.1(max) in a 75 W system  
  Noise figure 1.1 dB (max)  
  Po 1 dB 0 dBm (min.)  
  3rd order intermodulation -50 dBc (max), two tones of -15 dBm, output spaced 27 MHz  
  Polarization switching voltage 10.5 V ~ 14.0 V @ RHCP, 15.0 V ~ 21.0 V @ LHCP  
  DC current consumption 180 mA (max)  
  Operating temperature range -40°C ~ +60°C  
  Storage temperature range -40°C ~ +80°C  
  Waterproof Air pressure @ 0.2 kg/cm2

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